About Me


When I first began my training to become a massage therapist, I was naive to all the benefits achieved through massage therapy. I assumed that it was basically for relaxation purposes only. More of a way to pamper one's self with this luxury.

Now I see it's vast healing properties.

Massage Therapy works on so many levels of the physical and your physiological self. This is a therapeutic touch that can bridge the gaps, connecting ones mind and body.

Now before you think I'm getting too philosophical on you, just please consider this. How can your mind be at peace when you focus on the pain in your body? Through massage as your muscles are manipulated, your body will naturally release chemicals that promote healing and a sense of deep relaxation. You can increase your mobility and decrease pain. Let massage relieve the stress you endure today to help create a better tomorrow.  I will also assess you to give you tips on what to do to maintain this well being.


My Mission Statement

I'm applying my knowledge and skills in the field of Massage Therapy to build a strong loyal clientele. Also continuing to educate myself in styles and techniques, to set myself apart and become a sought after therapist. Healing on levels of both the physical and psychological self. The benefits of massage are so numerous.

I hope to break down the negative stereotypes and misconceptions. To build back an enlightened understanding of what Massage Therapy truly is. Achieving this through educating others and customizing each session to the specific needs of the client in order to reach goals of optimal well being.

I'm an empathic person and always try to put others around me at ease and restore balance within. My strong points are being a problem solver, deep thinker, positive, compassionate, driven and goal oriented person. Specializing in massage techniques such as Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Prenatal, Aromatherapy, Thai, Ayurvedic, Medical, Sports, Swedish and Shiatsu.


Hello, I'm Stacey Brown a Licensed Massage Therapist in West Virginia & Kentucky.

Background experience in both a Spa & Chiropractic Office. Now enjoying atmosphere & freedom in my own Private Practice.

Massage Therapy is a greatly rewarding career.

I love the vast benefits & seeing the instant results of reduced pain & added ROM in my clients after each session.

I'm thrilled to bring in other holistic therapies that are new to this area. Halotherapy (Dry Salt), Infrared Sauna, Vibroacoustic Therapy & Amethyst Infrared BioMat Treatments